Fix Potholes in Seconds... Any Time, in Any Weather

The "Thumper" Problem

Potholes large enough to pop a tire or snap an axle, or what we call “thumpers”, are the worst kind of surprise that we see on our daily commute. 

These Thumpers come in overwhelming waves after a freeze-thaw cycle or heavy rain. Municipalities around the world struggle to get to Thumpers before their citizens drive over them because:

1) The 5-10 Minutes required for conventional patches is too long when tens to hundreds of Thumpers that appeared overnight.


2) Lack of resources to hire an army of pothole patchers and purchase expensive equipment


3) Inclement weather puts conventional patches at a high risk of failure

4) Other responsibilities of Public Works employees take priority (ie. snow removal)

When regular patches aren't convenient, the Pothole Pillow is the stop-gap you need!

Our Solution: 

The Pothole Pillow is a reusable, shock-absorbing pad for immediate Pothole Repair, in any weather conditions.


To patch a rim-denting pothole, one simply has to throw the Pothole Pillow into the thumper, effectively quelling the dangers potholes present instantly.

Based on the Award-Winning Thump Pad, the Pothole Pillow is our next-generation product that's even stronger, safer and more convenient to use.

Immediate Fix

Simply walk up to a thumper and throw the Pothole Pillow into the deepest part of the pothole, and then walk away. No adhesives, measurements, or further processes needed!


Once municipality employees have the time and/or weather permits to patch a thumper correctly, the employee can simply pick up the Pothole Pillow to use in other thumpers for years!

We guarantee these Pillows will last!


When it's cold and wet, almost all conventional pothole patches are at a high risk of failure. This is why you see some potholes repaired, yet to reopen in the same day.


The Pothole Pillow has a temperature range of -180°F to 350°F


All of the materials used to construct the Pothole PIllow are completely non-toxic and don't require special disposal!


"Best New Product of 2018"

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