Hate Potholes?

The Pothole Pillow is  the only  reusable, shock-absorbing pad for immediate pothole repair.

Regardless of inclement weather or heavy traffic, the Pothole Pillow can repair potholes in mere seconds. Simply place the Pothole Pillow into the deepest part of a pothole, and then you're done! 

When time and fair weather conditions permit, pick the Pothole Pillow up from the pothole and store away for reuse to patch up to hundreds of other chuckholes. 

If a Lack of Time or Wet Weather Gets in the Way of Conventional Patches...

Patch with

Filled within the Pothole Pillow is our proprietary, shock-absorbing gel. When left alone, the gel conforms the Pothole Pillow to the contours of a pothole, which secures the Pothole Pillow in place. Upon impact, the gel hardens into a solid and cushions the impact of a pothole. 

All Pothole Pillows come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

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Patch Potholes Faster
Patching a nasty tire buster takes less than a minute with the Pothole Pillow. This means more potholes repaired per day and less visits to the Tire Shop!
All-Weather Functionality
Inclement weather puts other products, like Cold Patch, at a high risk of failure. With the Pothole Pillow, repairs can be made regardless of rain, snow or freezing temperatures
No Equipment/Training Necessary
It's so simple to use the Pothole Pillow that anyone can use it. For municipalities, other departments like the Police and Sanitation can help combat their pothole problem
Simple to Store for Reuse
Patching potholes isn't your only job, so we made sure that the Pothole Pillow has a sleek design and can withstand a beating from the tools in your trunk.
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Awards and Recognition

"Best New Product of 2018"

-American Public Works Association

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