How It All Started


Hole Patch LLC

In 2012, a group of Case Western Reserve University students formed Hole Patch LLC, a company that developed a novel method of temporarily patching potholes. Using an old backpack filled with a cornstarch and water solution, the students significantly reduced the amount of shock of driving over a pothole when placing the makeshift prototype into a pothole. This innovative approach to patching potholes gathered attention from renowned news outlets with headlines such as "Silly Putty for Potholes" on Science Magazine and "The Future of Pothole Repair is Silly Putty" on Gizmodo. 

Yeu Patch LLC obtained an exclusive licensing agreement with Hole Patch LLC in January, 2016 and further developed the concept of patching potholes with a non-Newtonian fluid. Instead of using a backpack as a container, Thump Pad uses a professionally designed ultra-durable, two-layer pouch. Instead of using a simple cornstarch and water mix, a team of chemists and rheologists developed a proprietary fluid that displays non-Newtonian characteristics even at below-freezing temperatures.    

Yeu Patch LLC will continue to take Hole Patch LLC’s concept further until the pothole problem is solved.