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It's rarely ever a convenient time to patch...

With the Pothole Pillow,

Experts say that a combination of (1) sufficient time, (2) fair weather and (3) training, is needed for conventional pothole patch to last... But who has the luxury of being able to wait for the "right" time to patch or spend thousands of dollars on repaving?

The Pothole Pillow allows you to hit the snooze button and buys you the time to make a conventional patch that will last.

We specifically designed the Pothole Pillow for the potholes large enough to damage a vehicle, potholes we call "tire busters." With the Pothole Pillow, you can patch a tire buster before it causes any harm, regardless of inclement weather, heavy traffic or employee availability.

any time is fine!

Texts Sent by No One Ever

I bet the patches we made in wet and freezing weather is going last!



It only takes 5 minutes to patch w/ asphalt, so we can get to every other pothole today


You don't need any experience or equipment to properly repair a pothole!




Weight Limit:

(under one tire)




15" x 20" x 1.75"

14" x 17" x 1.5"

21 lbs

12 lbs

10,000 lbs

10,000 lbs


  • Durable construction that can withstand heavy traffic and inclement weather​

  • Proprietary shock-absorbing gel levels out the Pothole Pillow in uneven potholes

  • Temperature Range: -200°F to 250°F​

  • Two sizes available that fit into most common Tire Busters

  • Grommets used to fasten multiple Pillows together in larger/deeper Tire Busters

  • Reusable to use in up to hundreds of potholes

  • Serial numbers for identification and tracking 

  • Every Pillow Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Virtual Invoice (you will recieve your invoice/quote via email)

Oga Street Tech

Remittance Address

6296 Wheat Miller Court

Mount Airy, MD 21771

(330) 373 8483

*No shipping cost
*Municipalities are Tax Exempt

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Small Pothole Pillow Kit (contains 5 Small Pothole Pillows) $600
Large Pothole Pillow Kit (contains 2 Large Pothole Pillows) $350

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